How to File in Style

Staying Organized is tough for all of us. There is so much to do throughout the day that we often forget the little things that could actually help us. For me, it’s hard to keep organized if I don’t have a system—a stylish system at that. Take a look at my roundup of my favorite storage ideas that not only encourage organization, but also complement the design of your home.

Filing Cabinets
The first thing that comes to mind when most people hear “filing cabinet,” is a drab, outdated system found in a cubicle.  However, in 2015 we are seeing tons of modern versions of this product that are actually quite stylish. With creative DIYs that let you explore color options and finishes, adding a filing cabinet to your office space could actually be the addition that brings your space to life—crazy right?! I personally love CB2’s TPS mint 3-drawer filing cabinet. This piece would be perfect for a spring makeover!

Nesting Boxes
These guys have got to be one of my favorite buys. Whether they are stacked underneath a table or displayed on a shelf or desk, nesting boxes never look out of place. I tend to go for the colorful, patterned boxes with gold accents, as they have a more finished look. Stay organized by labeling your boxes and filling them with loose papers, bills and receipts. I can’t stay away from Kate Spade’s Neon Nesting Boxes.  Seen all over pinterest, design blogs and magazines, these are worth every penny and will make you want to file away!

Decorative Bins
Similar to the idea and use of nesting boxes, decorative bins are a sensible purchase. They allow you to hide all the junk you don’t know where to put and of course can add some sparkle, pattern and texture to your home. However, this doesn’t mean go ahead and throw all your randoms in there. Remember, the point is to stay organized here! How amazing are Serena & Lily's Pandan Metallic Bins? I am obsessed! 

Built-ins and Storage Systems
For a bigger fix and even more storage, investing in a wall system or shelving unit will definitely make your home organizer-friendly. Creating a wall full of built-ins is ideal because it gives you free range to customize your space. You can choose your wood, paint, hardware and more to create a home-organization system of your dreams. It’s also a huge space saver and still allows you to work in those colorful bins and boxes we talked about!

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  1. I very much enjoy the working space on the very top of the page. It's modern, it's well-planned and it just looks fantastic. Also I find that the mix of very basic lines, shabby-look and DIY is very much up-to-date. Wonderful styles!