Style Board: Gallery Wall

We see them printed in magazines, on the walls of design stores, and chatted about throughout the Internet. Gallery walls are the next big thing in the design world. And although this artistic design choice is not a new one, the new eclectic take on the trend definitely is.

So how does one go about creating a gallery wall? What’s so special about gallery walls is that no wall is alike. Each one tells a story and paints a portrait of the owner. But to have a well balanced, successfully styled wall there are some tips to keep in mind.
For example, make sure you are distributing your colors equally. Just like other aspects of interior design, it’s important to have a color scheme. Pair together colors that compliment each other or opt for a monochromatic palette. You also want to choose art prints and paintings that vary in size.  Feel free to bring in decorative objects or memorabilia, varying in material, that you can mount or frame. This will keep the eye moving in your space and create balance. 

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