Retro Rad: A Gift Guide for the Retro Dad

Father's Day is just around the corner (this Sunday, June 21st!), so it's time to think gifts. Whether a suit-clad city guy or an overall-wearing country boy, dads have one thing in common: they love to reminisce about the good ol' days. (You're probably flashing back to all those long monologues that started with, "When I was a kid...," right? Our apologies.)

This year, ditch the yearly necktie and get him something he'll really love-- a retro piece that will help him feel like a trip down memory lane. We've compiled some fun and well-designed styles to help Dad celebrate while adding flair to the home.

1) Copper Moscow Mule Mug - Set of 2, $44.50
Pottery Barn
These mugs are perfect for keeping that Mule as cold as Moscow, and they look great doing it. Follow up this gift by making you two a batch and sipping away the afternoon together.

2) Campfire Soy Candle, $17.95
Nothing says young summer nights like the smell of campfire. Let him relive all those wonderful memories while the whole house benefits from the calming scent.

Crate & Barrel
For those who want to splurge and really spoil Dad this year, give him the Don Draper treatment with his very own leather chair to brood in. 
Etsy (sign shown: from store CountryRoadBoutique)
Etsy is chock-full of vintage signs that will lend an old school charm to Dad's man-cave, basement, or garage. We found this one at CountryRoadBoutique, but be sure to search Etsy for all kinds of signage- you never know what gems you'll discover!

5) Aviator Cocktail Shaker, $69.95: 
Z Gallerie
This shaker is sleek and modern but has a decidedly retro flair. He'll be as giddy to play with it as a kid opening a Stretch Armstrong on Christmas.

Aha Life
Because cats in 70s suede vests.

With this clock, the kitchen will become an old soda shoppe beckoning Dad in for an egg cream.

Happy Father's Day!
This post was written by Lauren.

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