Style Board: Complete A Room With Fine Art

When envisioning a redecorated room, what do you see? A fresh set of bed linens, a new lamp that perfectly complements an end table, or perhaps a patterned rug to tie it all together? Look around...what's on the walls?

It’s easy to focus your decorating energy on more functional aspects of a room. We need somewhere to relax, to dine, or to set a lamp or a book. But a key element of a well-rounded design is the use of art. A bare wall and and a wall dressed with carefully curated pieces both speak volumes, though they send very different messages. Well-chosen paintings and prints can give a room polish.

 For a classic look, pair simple, elegant furniture with eye-catching accessories that don’t overwhelm, and choose realistic prints that subtly tie into a theme. For example, a nautical floor lamp pairs well with a John James Audubon pelican print.

Mixing gold and silver-toned accessories is very chic when done well. A gold vase for fresh flowers and the curved silver lines in Paul Caponigro’s Shell make a sophisticated combination. Both shades are present in the pelican print, bringing coherence to the room’s overall color palette.

 For something more in tune with nature, start with a simple platform bed in a warm medium brown with conspicuous wood grain for texture. Add gentle splashes of color using a wool area rug with a neutral base and bright splotches or something more daring like a large abstract painting in saturated greens and blues.

A very soft, pale paint provides a gentle backdrop for the subtle texture of black and white figure drawings, a nod to the natural curves of the human form as art in itself. Finally, a pouf in grass green with a soft, knitted quality adds just a touch more detail, evoking a late summer afternoon while maintaining an air of clean simplicity.

No matter your tastes, you can incorporate fine art into any room of your home with grace and style.

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