2016 Color Trends

It's hard to believe 2015 is almost over! The folks over at Valspar Paint have looked at lifestyle trends and have predicted the color trends of 2016. Check out the four color palettes and let us know what you think of these trends:

Comfort Zone

Everyone is crazy busy as ever, so the Valspar Comfort Zone palette offers an antidote to this fast-paced lifestyle, with a selection of soft, calm colors that balance and restore the mind, body and spirit.

Simply Perfect

The movement toward simplified living that’s focused on fewer choices and enjoying the luxury of less inspired the Valspar Simply Perfect palette, a versatile, stylish set of grays that work well in any setting.


You Do You

Different is the new normal. Going against the grain is encouraged and applauded, often with the phrase ‘You Do You.’ It’s a mantra leading to this trend palette of expressive and uplifting zingy brights. 

Good Company

Consumers today have high demands for transparency, integrity and authenticity – the fair trade movement and farm-to-table organic food trend are prime examples. This trend is interpreted in the Valspar Good Company palette, a collection of rich, familiar and enduring artisanal shades inspired by heritage and handcrafted products and materials.

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